Best App For Cryptocurrency 2022

 Cryptocurrency is becoming very popular day by day. There are still many people who are doing or are thinking of doing a good app to store cryptocurrency. If you are one of them then this blog is for you. While there are a variety of cryptocurrency apps available in the market, some of them charge too much for the fridge and some of them charge very little and there is something else somewhere. Through this blog, you can decide for yourself which app is best for you. Some people are very scared of cryptocurrency. But for the long-term, cryptocurrency has given many people a lot of returns. You can also get into cryptocurrency with very little money. Here are some of the apps on our list that start with a minimum deposit of 100 rupees. And also those Apps are very trusted for the future. Sometimes we want to buy a crypto coin that is not present in our regular used crypto app, then we have to take another crypto exchange through which we can fulfill the buy order. To solve this problem our platform brings this blog, here are all ratios of fees you can see. 

Best app to buy cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency apps manually help you to buy digital coins by using your own country’s currency. Those apps mainly emphasize two options, one is buying, and the second is selling. In today’s digital world everything has become online as well as money transactions have become online. Just as we buy and sell with money (own currency), we will be able to buy and sell everything in this world through digital cryptocurrency in the future. This will make the transaction very fast, secure and you will have all the details on the blockchain. 

We know that the price of everything increases with time, just as cryptocurrency prices increase with time. It would be great if we start storing cryptocurrency in a trusted app. 

Top uses of cryptocurrency apps

  • Use cryptocurrency apps anywhere in the future, it has multi useability, some are:
  • We can use cryptocurrency apps, especially on e-commerce websites like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc.
  • Cryptocurrency apps are used to take subscriptions on various ott platforms.
  • Using a crypto app we can send transactions from one address to another address without the presence of any third party.
  • Some crypto apps offer Yield Farming. That enables us to generate interest from cryptocurrency using my holdings.
  • We can pay big restaurant bills through the cryptocurrency app.
  • Best cryptocurrency app 2022

Best crypto exchange apps

Now let us know the best cryptocurrency apps with their fees structure.

1. Binance

Binance is currently the world’s largest cryptocurrency app. The volume of cryptocurrency tokens in this app is always sky high. This app was first made in 2017 by a person named CZ. Nowadays it doesn’t take much time to grow an app where security is skyrocketing and trading volume is very good. One such app is Binance. Coinmarketcap rating for this app is 9.9 Out of 10. Almost 600+ coins are available in Binance. It has 24 hours volume of $44,859,493,513.42 that is equivalent 1,013,318 BTC.  It supports currencies like INR, USD, EUR, RUB, TRY, NGN, AUD, and much more. Here you can purchase Currency using Debit Card as well as a Credit card. 

Binance fees structure:

User Level

Trade Volume (30D)

Maker | Taker


< 1,000,000 BUSD


≥ 0 BNB

0.1000% / 0.1000%


≥ 1,000,000 BUSD


≥ 25 BNB

0.0900% / 0.1000%


≥ 5,000,000 BUSD


≥ 100 BNB

0.0800% / 0.1000%


≥ 20,000,000 BUSD


≥ 250 BNB

0.0700% / 0.1000%


≥ 120,000,000 BUSD


≥ 500 BNB

0.0700% / 0.0900%


≥ 200,000,000 BUSD


≥ 1,000 BNB

0.0600% / 0.0800%


≥ 500,000,000 BUSD


≥ 1,750 BNB

0.0500% / 0.0700%


≥ 1,000,000,000 BUSD


≥ 3,000 BNB

0.0400% / 0.0600%


≥ 2,500,000,000 BUSD


≥ 4,500 BNB

0.0300% / 0.0500%


≥ 5,000,000,000 BUSD


≥ 5,500 BNB

0.0200% / 0.0400%

Key Points About Binance:

  • KYC is needed for withdrawing or depositing assets.
  • NFT marketplace is available on Binance.
  • P2P is available in Binance.
  • Margin and Future trade available.

Download the Binance app:

Download the Binance app from the following links

App Store | Android Google Play

If you are an Indian user and have a Wazirx account then you can easily send the crypto assets to your Binance account. Know more here

2. Wazirx

Wazirx is India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange set in 2018. Founded by Nischal Shetty

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