Best Crypto Airdrops 2022, Top most crypto airdrop projects 2022

Sometimes crypto airdrops keep calm and relax to crypto investors during the bear run. Almost every month during the bear run many panic sellers sold their holdings. But in this time some intelligent holders look for some crypto airdrops to cover their losses. For them, we bring the Best Crypto Airdrops 2022.

Crypto airdrops contain different types of tasks like social media tasks, hold another crypto or daily claim tasks. By doing some simple tasks participants get their reward crypto assets after distribution. Here we provide some best crypto airdrops for extra profit.

1. hi Dollars

Contract Address:  0xC4f6E93AEDdc11dc22268488465bAbcAF09399aC

End Date: None

The secure, fast, scalable, adaptable hi Protocol Blockchain is creating a big hype in the crypto market. Because of their simple, fast interface and profitable mechanism with good user experience, many people afford hi Dollars. They divide their roadmap into 5 phases, you can check out their whitepaper.
Key features in hi Dollars: 
  • Consensus
  • wasm virtual machine
  • Zero Transaction Costs
  • Forkless Upgrades
  • Multichain Parallel Transaction Processing
  • Onchain Key Recovery
How to participate in hi Dollars airdrop?
There are some simple ways to participate in hi Dollar airdrop.
  • Open in your browser. Click here
  • From menu bar Go to hi Dollars
  • Now enter the mobile number
  • Input the OTP from SMS
  • Give nickname of referrer:  8927jio
  • All done. After successfully sign up click the claim button
  • You’ll get daily free hi Dollars as a reward

Note: You can withdraw all hi Dollars rewards when it is transferred to Flexible wallet. At the end of the month, all rewards are automatically transferred to flexible wallet. Then you can transfer those to any wallet. This is a big opportunity to earn approx $60 every month.

2.Sperax Play

Contract Address: 0x9631483f28B7f5CBf7D435Ab249Be8f709215bC3

End Date: None

From starting of 2021 Sperax Play create a good position in the crypto market. However Sperax Play token also known as SPA token already listed in some exchanges. Still, there is a good opportunity to collect free SPA tokens. Basically, the SPA airdrop depends on the mining concept. You can run this mining process on android.

How to participate in Sperax Play airdrop?

Follow these few steps to enter in Sperax Play airdrop.

  • Download Sperax Play App from playstore. Click Here
  • Register with Your Name, Region, Phone Number, Password, Invitation Code
  • Enter this invitation code:  pqlwo9
  • Now simply register and create a new key
  • Save the key phrase securely
  • After entering the app go to the below mining option 
  • Start mining free SPA token

Note: All mining points will be converted to SPA tokens.SPA listed on hotbit. In the current market 1SPA = $0.01587

3. Pi Network

Contract Address: 0xc456dee9254c10863131b1e1e797d457d5b8d023 

End Date: None

Pi network also working based on the mining concept. Many big investors and also many crypto projects support the Pi network. There is too much potential in the Pi network. Pi also have their own application on playstore. You can run this application on android. By mining, you can collect daily free Pi tokens.

How to participate in Pi network airdrop?

Follow these few steps to enter in Pi network airdrop.

  • Download Pi network app from playstore. Click Here
  • Open app, Enter Mobile Number
  • Now create a password and confirm it
  • Enter your name and a unique username
  • Now enter invitation code:  suprabhatbb62
  • Now start the mining button
  • You’re successfully done! 

Note: Go to profile then verify your mobile number. However, distribution is not started so you can mine it until the listing and distribution.

4. PUML Better Health

Contract Address: None

End Date: None

The best crypto project on better health is PUML. By registering on the app you can earn PUML tokens. They organize step activity challenges. After completing every challenge you can earn much more PUML tokens. You can buy products by using your PUML Coins, buy gift cards, trade them for crypto exchanges or donate them to charity. 

How to participate in PUML Better Health airdrop?

Follow these few steps to enter in PUML airdrop.

  • Download PUML App
  • Open the app
  • Give your mobile number
  • Now enter OTP from SMS
  • You’re successfully registered now
  • Enter the app then goto Wallet
  • You will receive your Sign up reward

Note: PUML is already listed on Hotbit Exchange. The PUML current price is $0.02180947.

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How much hi dollar crypto price is?

 Ans: hi dollar already listed on Uniswap. And its price is 0.809361 dollars.

How to buy hi dollars?

Ans: Install Bilaxy app to buy hi dollars. Dposit any crypto on Bilaxy and buy hio dollars.

How to sell hi dollars? 

Ans: hi dollar token is listed on Bilaxy exchange. Simply sell hi in USDT and buy TRX, send those TRX to your personal exchange.

 What is the pi network launch date?

Ans: However no official anouncement we got regarding this. But according to our research it will lunch in the middle of 2022.

What is pi network coin value?

Ans: As our prediction pi network coin value will be over 0.3$. 

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