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 The Cross-Chain trading platform DexLab is built on the Solana ecosystem. The Proof of History (POH) based network is Solana Blockchain that is faster, cheapest. DexLab is a totally decentralized exchange. DexLab is totally similar to Serum DEX. As we know Serum provides an on-time transaction, wrapped coins, swapping, stablecoins, and cross-chain support. Also, DexLab DEX is providing all those features. Many people asking about Dexlab token price prediction, so here we brings the ultimate price predictions on DexLab.

Features of Dexlab

By using DexLab users obtain high speed on every transaction. It’s cheap. It also supports users to exchange cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, SPL tokens, ERC20, etc. The DEX allows you to trade directly many cryptocurrencies without complex steps. Some other features are discussed below:
Swap: DexLab enables token to token interoperability so there is no need for a third party to manage the swapping of cryptocurrencies.
ETH Integration: DexLab DEX platform interoperable with ERC20 ecosystem. That makes the DexLab faster. 
Orderbook: DexLab offers full control over every order. The orderbook transactions are fully high secured.
Cross-Chain Transactions: The automated cross-chain transactions are made with high security. 

DexLab Token Information

The DexLab token is also known as DXL. DXL is the utility token.

  • DXL Total Supply:   1,000,000,000
  • DXL Circulating Supply:   52,526,785
  • DXL Contract Address:  GsNzxJfFn6zQdJGeYsupJWzUAm57Ba7335mfhWvFiE9Z 
  • API Id:  dexlab
  • DXL contains burn features.
  • DXL can be used as trading transactions made on DexLab.
  • DXL gains the DEX Hero tag on Solana Blockchain.

Liquidity Pool in DexLab

The AMM is also known as an automated market maker liquidity pool is the most important and valuable innovation in Defi system. Every user by their digital assets to the liquidity pool can make a big digital pie, that will be a collection of liquidity locked in a smart contract. LP that is Liquidity providers in DexLab can earn trading fees. In the future, the liquidity pool can be handled with only platform fees.

DXL Token Listings

  • DexLab is officially listed over Coingecko on 30th July 2021.
  • On 13th August 2021, DXL is listed on coinmarketcap.
  • DXL is now available on Bonfida Exchange from 10th August 2021. Check Out Here
For future DXL listing information, keep following us regularly. 

DexLab Airdrop

Many people asking now about DexLab airdrop. However the airdrop for Dexlab is officially ended but you can still earn DXL tokens by joining their social events. DexLab distributed 6,250,000 DXL to 869088 participants

DXL Token Price

The initial starting price of DXL token was 0.0347$. After listing on coinmarketcap it touched 0.0541$. On 19th Aug it touched the all-time high price of 0.1778$. After selling the holding of many users there is a little bit dump we can see on DXL. The current price of DXL is 0.1227$. 
In Serum Dex DXL price:  0.1245$
In Raydium DXL price:  0.1225$

DXL Token Price Prediction

If you are looking for crypto tokens that can give you good returns in the future. By doing crypto events many crypto tokens create hypes in the current market. DexLab is an automated system that organizes many crypto events. So it’s clear that DexLab has a bright future. 
Many people want complete price predictions on crypto tokens from experts. Here we bring a complete Dexlab token price prediction for you. We show you how DXL plays in the market future.
As we know the initial price was 0.0347$. And when it was listed on coinmarketcap it touched 0.0541$. And at the current, it is 0.1227$. When it will list on other big exchanges definitely it touched the moon. Because we know it is a good project that is built on the Solana ecosystem. Many big investors support the DexLab project. The partners of DexLab are  PARATAXIS, CMS, GBV, NGC, Race Capital, SOLANA, LedgerPrime, QIXIN Venture, Rok Capital, SERUM, ApySwap, etc. So it’s totally doubtless that DexLab is a good project for the future and a good token for investment. 
Here is the prediction table for DXL:



Min Price

Max Price

20 / 08 / 21




01 / 09 / 21




20 / 09 / 21




01 / 10 / 21




20/ 10 / 21




01 / 11 / 21




20 / 11 / 21




01 / 12 / 21




20 / 12 / 21





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