Folks Finance Testnet Process Explained, New Testnet Project On Algorand

Cryptocurrency airdrops helps users to improve their mental strategy on recent market. Every user needs legit airdrops that really provides good profits. Our platform brings some legit airdrops that helps you to servive in daily crypto market. In this article we discuss about : Folks Finance Testnet Process Explained.


The testnet project contains many steps but we explained here very simply only for you guys. Follow every steps one by one.

Folks Finance Testnet Process Explained

We divided the entire testnet project within some parts those are following:

1. Wallet Connection

Open algorand wallet. Create a new account and save your pass phrase in a secure place. Select a password for your wallet and remember it. Now turn your account from mainnet to testnet, as the following:

Now open official website of Folks Finance. After opening click on Connect Wallet. Then select Myalgo wallet. A confirmation page will appear on myalgo website, simply accept it and connect the website with your browser.

2. Faucet Claim

  • Algorand Faucet Claim:  Go to the algorand faucet claim website and paste the address then complete recapta and request faucet. Click Here
  • Internal Faucet Claim:     Go to menu button then click on claim faucet option. A faucet page will appear. Simply select the token then solve the recapta and click on request. Claim all three faucet one by one. Faucets are: USDC, USDt, goBTC.

3. Deposit Faucets

In order to complete this task go to menu and click on deposit. All coins will appear one by one. Select USDC among them. Select 50% deposit and click on continue button, then click on opt-in button. Now a confirmation page will appear. Simply accept all conformation. Now a new deposit button will appear just click on it and a new conformation will generated, accept it also.
Now deposit of USDC is completed. In same way deposit remaining two token USDt and goBTC also.

4. Withdraw Deposited Faucets

Now go to my deposits and select USDC and withdraw 50% of your deposit. Complete the withdraw by accepting all conformations from algorand wallet. Complete the withdraw process for remaining two tokens also.

5. Borrow Faucets

Go to menu button, click on borrow option. Note: select only ALGO token to borrow. Now on top select goBTC 50% and in down ALGO 50% and click on continue button. Accept the conformation and complete the transaction. As follows:

6. Repay Borrowed ALGO

Go to my borrow option. Select ALGO-goBTC pair. Now repay 50% amount from here. Accept all conformation to complete this task.
All done ✅✅. For further update follow us on telegram.

Project Related All Links

To folks finance testnet airdrop you need all the related links. The links are:
Announcement Link: Click Here
Official Website Link: Click Here
Algo Faucet Link: Click Here
Algo Wallet Link: Click Here
Check out below video for details:


1. When the winner list will be announced?
Answer: After the testnet airdrop. Follow us regular to get future updates.
2. What is the reward of the folk finance testnet project?
Answer: Exclusive NFT. But also you get Crypto token after their mainnet launch, however it’s not announced officially.
3. How to get algorand testnet faucet?
Answer: Click the link to get Algorand faucet. Click Here

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