GamesPad Token Price Prediction, GMPD Price Prediction, GMPD Token Listing Dates

GamesPad is basically the biggest blockchain-based gaming platform in 2021. It has more than a million communities on social handles. GamesPad launched their own token GMPD. As it’s getting popular on that day so we presenting the GamesPad Token Price Prediction, GMPD Price Prediction, GMPD Token Listing Dates. GamesPad is a holistic and chain-agnostic ecosystem where impactful crypto gaming concepts come to reality.

  • Game-focused launchpad: The most promising IGO, INO, IMO deals, and land sales
  • Decentralized VC: Transparent investing opportunities 
  • Game incubator: Gaming startup mentorship and advisory 
  • Gaming partnerships with studios: Game launch and tokenization 
  • NFT aggregator and marketplace: Exclusive NFTs 
  • Cross-chain yield aggregator: Get returns on your assets from yield farming pools 
  • Staking + farming pools: Maximum profits for the community 
  • In-house gaming studio: NFT and metaverse game production

GamesPad Token Information

A decentralized VC, multi-chain launchpad and game incubator can’t thrive without a rapidly developing community and ecosystem that onboards new gaming projects and use cases. Here, you can find the information about GamesPad’s native token, GMPD, its allocation mechanics, and emission logic.
  • Token Name: GMPD
  • Token Address: 
  • Total Supply: 500M GMPD
  • Tokenomics: Staking and Farming 20%, Token Sale 11.5%, Ecosystem Partnership 16.5%, Team 18%, Advisors 6%, Treasury 15%, Operations 5%, Marketing 5%, Liquidity & Exchanges 3%.
  • Burnable: Every quarter, 250K GMPDs will be exposed to deflationary token burn.
  • Mintable: The fixed amount will be issued on the BSC chain.

GamesPad IDO Details | GMPD IDO Price

GamesPad launched their first IDO on Bull Starter platform. The official IDO price was 0.055 BUSD. A total of 3,090,909.08 GMPD was allocated for this IDO. This IDO was done on 20th December 2021, at 19:45 PM. Deal Progress was: 100%   |  3,090,909.08/3,090,909.09.
The second GMDP IDO was launched on Huobi Global. The official IDO price was 0.055 USDT. This IDO was done on 21st December 2021. Deal Progress was: 100%. The mode of sale was Queue + HT Holding. 
Every user-made almost 20x profit from Huobi-GamesPad IDO. Because the listing price was 1.06 USDT. 

GamesPad Token Price Prediction

As GamesPad alone provides services of NFT, Gaming, and Metaverse so it becomes the biggest project. The hype of the project is very high. In some little periods of time, it gives a good profit to its holders. In IDO it gives users 20x profit from 50USDT. Further price predictions coming soon.

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