LunarCrush Point System Explained, LunarCrush Airdrop Details


Now cryptocurrency investors have a great chance to grab a good, trusted social intelligence platform that is LunarCrush. To make quick decisions and be confident about it LunarCrush platform helps you to understand the recent crypto market movements with a larger amount of valuable data. The data that is provided by LunarCrush is totally worth it because every data about any crypto or any blockchain will be released after analyzing deeply by the Lunar authority. Also, LunarCrush saves a huge amount of time of your life because you get everything just on this one platform. In this article, we discuss on LunarCrush Token Price PredictionLunarCrush Airdrop DetailsLunarCrush Point System.

LunarCrush Token Information

LunarCrush released their own token called Lunar Token over the Zilliqa blockchain. We know, in 2019 Zilliqa launched its mainnet and native blockchain.

  • Lunar Max Supply: 250,000,000
  •  Total Supply: 250,000,000
  • Contract Address: zil1xxl6yp2twxvljdnn87g9fk7wykdrcv66xdy4rc   
  • Base Contract: ZRC-2, Zilliqa Smart Contract 
  • Token Allocation: Community: 127,500,000. Operations: 72,500,000. Initiatives: 50,000,000 
  • Market Cap: $10,902,075

 LunarCrush Airdrop Details

 LunarCrush platform airdropping daily Lunar token to every user who participates in some specific work like providing opinions, referring to friends, holding lunar in the wallet. Note, the reward distribution time is only at the end of that day based on total points earned and total allocated Lunar for that day. And the distributed lunar will be added to the existing LunarCrush website wallet, you don’t need to create an additional wallet.

From the starting 65000, Lunar is distributed each day. On 22nd October 2023, the reward will be half to 32,500 tokens per day. And then on 23rd October 2025, the reward Lunar amount will be 16250 tokens per day.

In addition, 50000 Lunar tokens will be distributed to all level2 and above level users based on weekly points collected by them.

How To Get Lunar Crush Point | LunarCrush Point System

Currently, there are four easy processes to get daily Lunar points that will be converted to Lunar tokens. 
Daily Active User:   LunarCrush users can get 5 points as a daily check-in point. This will be given to every user who just visits one time the LunarCrush official website or application.
Time On Site:   In the new update of LunarCrush the total time visited on the website or application is worth it because, in every one minute, one point will be added to the wallet. And remember a total of 60 minutes will be counted in 24 hours.
Points On Signup:   Level2 users can invite friends to get 5 points each. For every successful signup, users can get 5points to their point wallet.
Opinions Reward System:   Users can get extra 30 points by giving opinions to every token, influencer, exchange. The opinion questions will appear everywhere on the website. Note, each opinion carries one point and total limit is 30.

How To Claim Lunar Token | LunarCrush Withdraw Process

After successfully completing the minimum requirement for withdrawing Lunar a Claim Button will be activated. Now follow the steps
  1. Click on the claim button 
  2. Create a Passphrase using 16word, note down the phrase
  3. Accept conditions and click on the Next button
  4. Now enter the amount to withdraw above 35.
  5. Enter the noted wallet passphrase
  6. Now click on Next
  7. After a successful claim, the lunar added to the Lunar balance
  8. Click on view wallet and you will find send Lunar button
  9. Now send Lunar to any exchange where Lunar listed

To send your Lunar balance you can use the MEXC exchange. No KYC is required for withdrawing or depositing.  Download Now

LunarCrush Token Price Prediction

After analyzing many points it is totally clear that Lunar has already gained stability.
Lunar Price:  $1.52 | 0.00003152 BTC | 0.0003939 ETH
Lunar token already falls too much as we see but now it stands and growing up slowly day by day. LunarCrush platform also has the potential to give good returns to its token holders. It has also a good and strong social media community – Telegram: 10k+ users, Twitter: 193.6k users, Discord: 37k+ users. Within a little period of time, we can see a big rally on the Lunar token. If you are a Lunar holder then you just hold it tightly.

FAQ On LunarCrush

1. How much Lunar need to claim?
Ans: Minimum 35 Lunar required to claim in wallet.
2. Where Lunar is listed?
Ans: Lunar token listed on MEXC, Okcoin, ZilSwap.
3. Lunar based on which blockchain?
Ans: Zilliqa Blockchain.

4. How many points do I get daily on the Lunar level1?
Ans: 95 as a level1 user. 5 for daily check-in, 30 for opinion, 60 for visiting time.

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