LYFE GOLD Token Price Prediction, Does LGOLD token gives good return in future?

Cryptocurrency is becoming very popular day by day. While there are a variety of cryptocurrency tokens available in the market, some of them give good returns in short term and some of them give good returns in long term. Through this blog, you can know a new crypto token named LGOLD crypto token. Some people are very scared of cryptocurrency. But for the long-term, cryptocurrency has given many people a lot of returns. This token is also good for investment. And here is LYFE GOLD Token Price Prediction. All predictions are given after deep analysis which is done by professional analyzers.

LGOLD is the first commodity-backed token in Indonesia as part of the Lyfe Ecosystem. LGOLD allows traders to buy and sell gold-backed tokens making the token a stable coin for safe-haven cryptocurrency trading.

Gold-based Digital Asset LYFE GOLD (LGOLD )

  • Gold Standard: Each LGOLD token will have a basic resource of actual gold in our accomplice Custodian. LGOLD can be traded to Fiat as per actual gold cost or even traded to affirmed gold bars straightforwardly.
  • Stability: LGOLD is essential for the Lyfe program to make a resource-based stable token, upheld by actual resources or products to finish a market-based Lyfe Token environment.
  • Future of Commodity: LGOLD will introduce a new possibility and alternative to commodity trading using blockchain. LGOLD will also pathway for Lyfe’s future introduction of different types of commodity-backed tokens.

Important Information On LYFE GOLD Token

LGOLD gives the simplicity and speed of computerized resource exchanging, where traders can buy and sell from exchanges while providing means to redeem the tokens into certified gold bars.
  • Total Supply: 20,000 LGOLD
  • Circulating Supply: 19,997.00 LGOLD
  • 24H Volume: $35,480
  • Contract Address: 0x27778e14ce36d3b85e1effeb43816a17bbb7088a

First Commodity backed token LGOLD provides:

  1. Steady Growth 
  2. Secure your asset 
  3. Send Anywhere 
  4. Liquid and Reliable

Lyfe Gold Token Current Price

Currently, LGOLD token is listed in the Indonesian popular crypto exchange named Indodax. On some days it will be listed on many good exchanges.
  • LYFE GOLD Price (LGOLD): $56.88 | 0.001196 BTC | 0.01677 ETH
  • 24h Low / 24h High: $56.39 / $58.14
  • 1M Low / 7d High: $56.39 / $58.14
  • 1Y Low / 30d High: $56.39 / $58.14
  • All Time High: $58.14
  • Trading Volume 24h: $35,498
  • Market Rank:  #5127

LGOLD Token Buying Process

Go to official website of Lyfe Gold. And 

LYFE GOLD Token Price Prediction | LGOLD Token Price Prediction

According to our analyzers, the LGOLD price will increase in the future because the ultimate supply of LGOLD is only 20,000. Currently, it is only listed on the Indodax exchange. The price will be high when it will be listed on many exchanges. 

LYFE GOLD Token Price Prediction For 2022

Our experts say depend on the past price of the LGOLD token, the minimum price in 2022 will be $50.88. The LGOLD token price can reach a maximum level of $89.60. And the average price can be $0.86.60.

LYFE GOLD Token Price Prediction Chart


Minimum Price

Maximum Price

Average Price








$50.88 $59.88 $56.88



$61.60 $58.60


$59.60 $72.60 $65.60


$61.60 $74.60 $71.60


$63.60 $76.60 $72.60


$64.60 $81.60 $80.60


$64.60 $83.60 $80.60


$72.60 $85.60 $82.60


$73.60 $86.60 $85.60


$75.60 $89.60


FAQs On LYFE GOLD Token Price Prediction

1. What will be the maximum price of LGOLD in 2022?
Answer: $89.60
2. When LGOLD listed?
Answer: Already LGOLD token listed on Indodax.
3. Where can I buy LGOLD? 
Answer: LGOLD is built on ERC20 technology. So you can buy LGOLD on official trading platforms like Indodax or through us directly.
4. Can I use LGOLD to send gold? 
Answer: Yes, LGOLD is gold. You can send LGOLD to your friends and relatives, to sell or exchange for physical gold.

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