Solanax token price prediction, Does SOLD give a good return in future?

While buying cryptocurrencies on Ethirium Blockchain, many people faced high transactions fee issues. And we know the popular token exchange mechanism on Ethirium Blockchain is Uniswap. To prevent the big amount of fees and to give a light, simple, faster user experience, Solana team built a decentralized and non-custodial automated liquidity mechanism that is Solanax. As we see, within just one year the total amount of DeFi increased from $1.077 billion to $42.18 billion. So it is totally doubtless that DeFi has a strong future. To prevent all difficulties in DeFi sector Solanax comes to offers unlimited solutions.  In the meantime of Solanax token distribution, many people ask about the Solanax Token Price, so in this article, we’re also discussing this and Solanax future.

What is Solanax DEX ?

Solanax is a decentralized, automated liquidity mechanism that provides a user-friendly interface, lightning-fast speed, and almost zero fees on every transaction.
  • Faster Work: Solanax has the fastest working mechanism to complete all transactions securely.
  • Simplicity: There are no order book features because Solanax wants to remove all complexity and time-consuming procedures. And they give the users freedom from losing ownership of their assets.  
  • Cheaper: Solanax achieve the fastest transaction mechanism with almost zero fees. So that is better than Ethirium blockchain.
  • Trading Interface: Solanax provides simple and clear Trading view charts, and process to place limit orders.

Solanax Token Details

Solanax token also known to SOLD. To use all Solanax platform features, users must hold SOLD tokens in their secure wallet. Holders have a big opportunity to earn more SOLD from staking. Solanax also organizes many events to make them popular to users, so that every holder makes a huge profit.
Total Supply of SOLD:  8000 0000 Tokens

 Solanax Listing|SOLD Listing Dates

When a token is successfully listed on any exchanges then it gets more value and attention. In the case of Solanax, after many unsuccessful listing procedures, finally SOLD was listed on the trading platform on 7th Aug, 2021. Solanax team working very hard for the upcoming future. 

Good news for Solanax community‼️🎉

We’ve all waited for this moment and it’s finally here – $SOLD Token is available for trading on ExMarkets Exchange. 🚀

Trade it on:


— Solanax (@Solanaxorg) August 7, 2021

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 Solanax Airdrop To Earn SOLD

Solanax airdropped 250 SOLD tokens to each person for completing their social tasks. They started their airdrop on 6th Jun. However, the airdrop has officially closed and distribution has been completed but there are also many opportunities to grab SOLD tokens. Using SOLD staking this is possible. So if you have SOLD from airdrop then simply stake those and earn more. Almost 1.5M SOLD has already staked. Many people ask about how to stake SOLD token?
Here is the simple process to stake SOLD tokens:
  • Sign up on
  • Go to For Investor-Staking Projects-Solanax
  • Now Deposit SOLD or Buy.
  • After buying simply Press the Stake button
  • Note: You can withdraw your SOLD anytime and No KYC is needed

Solanax Token Price

After listing on Exmarket, SOLD touched the ath of 0.1934 dollars, however after some time, it goes to 0.09 dollar and now it trading with a price of 0.0994 dollars with 21730.18 USDT of 24h volume.

We hope SOLD token listing over other platforms will force SOLD to the moon!


How to buy SOLD token?
Ans: Go to exmaket, then deposit TRX or other, then sell it on market. After selling buy SOLD token.
How to stake SOLD token?
Ans: After Buying SOLD simply stake it on exmarket stake pool. Above we tell details about this.
From where I can buy SOLD token?
Ans: You can buy SOLD token now from exchange.
When SOLD token touch one dollar?
Ans: If the Solanax project works with potential in the future then definitely it goes to one dollar.
How to sell SOLD tokens?
Ans: Sign up on Exmarket then sell your SOLD in USDT, now buy TRX and send it where you want.

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