Top 5 Crypto Projects To Invest In 2022,

cryptocurrencies are continuing to explode and we know all are thinking where will crypto go, will it still continue to go up just a few months ago the market reached a total market cap of three trillion dollars for the first time ever with bitcoin and ethereum, the market’s biggest cryptos reaching record highs and if you look past of the market you’ll also remember that there are other exciting coins that have done extraordinarily well, for example, dogecoin and Shiba Inu among many others so in this blog we are going to share top 5 Crypto Projects To Invest In 2022

There are hundreds of coins out there but we’ve done the research and this is our list of the best coins to look into. We’ll go over the numbers and the news surrounding each coin so that you can make an informed decision.

1. polkadot crypto

  • Contract Address: 0x7083609fce4d1d8dc0c979aab8c869ea2c873402
  • Website:
  • Ecosystem: Binance Smart Chain
  • Market Cap: $27,913,860,059
  • Total Supply: 1,103,303,471

Starting off we have a polka dot. Polka dot is a proof-of-stake hub and spoke crypto project founded by ethereum co-founder Dr. Gavin Wood. It’s really a special project because it comprises a central hub called the relay chain which oversees a large network of spokes called pair chains polka dot system is predicated on dot tokens the same way that ethereum is predicated on ether or eth. So right now polka dot is trading at $28.27 and we see that the full market cap right now is $2,241,188,920,497 in the last 24 hours. So to invest in good crypto never forget to buy polkadot coin.

If we zoom out to the one-year chart we can see that you know back in january and february of 2021 we saw the price of polka dot really really shoot up uh hit a high of you know just almost fifty dollars a coin then it dropped pretty severely all the way down back to around ten dollars a coin and ever since then we’ve seen pretty steady growth uh to where it is right now price range in the last 24 hours is up 3.05%. It’s number eleven in terms of market cap for crypto and if we look at the ratings here on coinmarketcap we can see that symmetry rates it as a b grade and token insight uh rates it as a bbb book that is special in that its mission is to offer a layer zero solution for the crypto world which is another way of saying that Polkadot wants to promote interoperability for all blockchains of the crypto world Polkadot coordinates with other cryptos through its pair chains which are short for parallelized chains. These chains all do their own thing but once in a while they’ll meet coordinate and communicate at the relay chain to ensure that the entire network is running smoothly. Now polkadot has two main features that make it scalable and powerful – it’s the treasury and Kusama Polkadot has a large treasury of funds that can be used to build and market the dot community or to increase security and develop software and Kusama is special because it is essentially a practice network where nodes and developers can experiment with different crypto projects before applying them into the real network the inclusion of low stakes in Kusama also encourages experimentation without too much messing around. One thing to be excited about is that polka dot is holding pair chain auctions with pair chains becoming a genuine possibility for integrating the crypto world we’re looking at a world where small chains get the security they need and different chains can communicate with one another to share functionality.

2. Solana crypto

  • Contract Address: n/a
  • Website:
  • Ecosystem: Solana
  • Market Cap: $54,343,502,408
  • Total Supply: 511,616,946
Now we have the best project named Solana. Solana is a public proof of stake and proof of history blockchain platform originally authored by Anatoly Yakovenko. The proof of history model of the protocol is a defining feature of Solana’s blockchain technology so right now salon is trading at 176.66 dollars. We can see that the total market cap is $54,588,207,841 and the trading volume in the last 24 hours is about $1,075,539,049 which is actually down 30.50%. We can see that salon actually grew really consistently over the last three months we started at just about 45 dollars a coin and a shot to here which was 176 a coin, dropped sort of down here and since then it’s sort of risen back to where it is right now and if you look at the one your price chart you can see that you know the price for the salon was just about two dollars in one year ago and that’s just absolutely insane seeing that the price has over 200x in price so the price is down just a little bit in the last 24 hours. We can see that it’s ranked number five in terms of the market cap if we look at the ratings we can see that symmetry rates it as a b and token insights rates it as a bbb, so one reason why we think Solana is so exciting is that it is considered to be the biggest rival for ethereum, in the long run, being that Solana also has the ability to interact with smart contracts salon can handle 50000 transactions per second, which is one of its primary advantages. Another feature of Solana that differentiates it from other cryptos is its proof of history protocol, one of the problems with other blockchains is that nodes or validators can’t seem to agree on time because not all people on the network are working at the exact same time, proof of history allows each block on the blockchain to be timestamped because the proof of history protocol ensures objective security of time humans don’t need to be involved during validation which allows Solana to have insane transaction speeds that it does and the thing is with greater transaction speeds users can also expect lower transaction fees which definitely seems to be the case because Solana offers a platform similar to ethereum’s with the structure and support for decentralized apps. The Solana project is home to many new interesting and exciting nft projects. Solana’s native sol tokens and the phantom wallet for managing and accessing decentralized apps on salons network are both going mobile, this promotes greater accessibility for Solana users and is another stepping stone towards a more Solana integrated future in the crypto world taking into account the fact that Solana has the tools the means and the speed to scale up massively. I would say that Solana is a very worthy cryptocurrency that you guys should have on your list if you want a platform that helps you get exposure to crypto passively. 

3. Bitcoin crypto

  • Contract Address:  n/a
  • Website:
  • Ecosystem: n/a
  • Market Cap: $894,397,754,477
  • Total Supply: 18,917,900
 The third we have bitcoin. As we know bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that is minted through a rewarding process called mining a revolutionary step away from central banks or single administrators. Bitcoin was the first and to this day still the biggest cryptocurrency in the market that helped people realize the potential of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, so right now bitcoin is trading at $47,125.02 and we can see that the total market cap for bitcoin is about $891,482,147,132. The trading volume is down about 37.04% over the last 24 hours. Right now we can see that the circulating supply of bitcoin is about 1,89,17,593 bitcoins which is very close to the max supply of 21 million coins, if we take a look at the three-month price chart we can see that bitcoin was hovering around $46000 to $47000 and in the last month we did see a pretty big increase in prices at the start of October going from around you know $47000 to $48000. All the way to sixty-five thousand dollars where it’s sort of remain around there this means that if you look at the one-year price chart we are just about at the same price just surpassing the previous all-time highs uh back in April of 2021, so it’s really cool to see that the price change in the last 24 hours pretty much consistent with where it was at and the market rank based on the market cap is number one of course. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency out there with a market dominance of 42.99 if you take a look at the ratings we can see that the symmetry score is an a minus and the token insight rating isn’t a a and if we look at the analysis we can see that 97 of holders are making money at current prices which is pretty amazing we can see that the concentration of coins held by large holders is at 11 to 60 of people have held for over one year 30 have held between 1 to 12 months and 10 have held under one month so just a few days ago bitcoin hit a new all-time high of over 68 000 in value and in the grand history of the cryptocurrency bitcoin has risen from an original price of practically zero dollars to a current peak of almost 70 thousand dollars all in just the span of a little over 10 years this is absolutely crazy to think about because no other asset has ever grown the way bitcoin has, you might be wondering why people keep investing into bitcoin and i personally believe that it’s just because people are continuing to have stronger faith in not just bitcoin itself but the world of cryptocurrencies as a whole in fact bitcoin has become the iconographic monolith for the rest of the crypto world.

4. Ethereum crypto

  • Contract Address: 0x2170ed0880ac9a755fd29b2688956bd959f933f8
  • Website:
  • Ecosystem: Binance Smart Chain
  • Market Cap: $446,815,470,216
  • Total Supply: 118,992,914
Next, we have ethereum. Ethereum is a decentralized open-source blockchain heavily functioning with smart contracts that were originally authored by Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Wood in 2013. Ethereum has been and still is being touted as a pivotal player in the crypto market space for plenty of reasons that we’ll get into. Right now ethereum is trading at just over $3,756.19 per coin and you can see that the total market cap at this price is going to be $446,742,781,185 in the last 24 hours. We can see that the trading volume is down about 25.77%. Taking a look at the three-month price chart we can find that just about three months ago we were at a price of just over three thousand dollars a coin we saw a big spike here back down to here and since the beginning of october we can see that the price has gone from just about $3400 all the way to where it is right now uh pretty consistently so it’s just over three percent increase in price over the last 24 hours you can see that it’s ranked number two in market cap with a market dominance of 19.65 and if we look at the one-year price chart we can see that in one year ago we were trading at under 500 a coin, we saw some huge increases back in 2020 followed by a pretty big correction and ever since you know around june july of 2021 the price of ethereum has just really skyrocketed so the symmetry rating is a b plus and the token insight rating is an a right now 98 of people are making money at the current price which is pretty cool we can see that 42 is held by large holders uh 60 of people have held over one year thirty one percent have held between one and twelve months and nine percent have held under one month so whereas bitcoin was the first decentralized store of value ethereum is often known as the first and most important implementation of blockchain technology as a network and platform for decentralized computation for example ethereum revolutionized the use of smart contracts which relies on decentralized blockchain technologies to enforce contractual agreements much of the functions of ethereum are funded through the transaction of eth tokens ethereum is also the premier platform for the development of d-apps aka decentralized applications decentralized applications feel just like normal apps but the difference is that there are no owners behind the app the app’s code can’t be taken down the app is free from censorship is backed by cryptography and includes built-in payments using eth decentralized applications is a very broad category that includes any form of computation or platform that is decentralized which implies a greater horizon of possibilities for ethereum to house different useful platforms in fact there are already plenty of popular platforms or applications that are ethereum based for example wearable the popular nft marketplace is ethereum based and allows for the auction and exchange of digital art known as nfts these have become wildly popular and insanely valuable in recent years ethereum is also the home of catalog a platform for music artists to list their works which can be proven to be authentic with the blockchain in the world of decentralized finance ethereum houses platforms that help with lending and borrowing investments portfolio management and more and ethereum has a massive update coming soon the ethereum community is waiting anxiously for the merge which is when the current version of ethereum will completely switch over to the eth2 proof-of-stake blockchain this is a huge advancement on ethereum’s previous proof of work protocol and proof of stake is more advantageous because it is much less taxing on the environment in terms of energy consumption ethereum is one of the largest and most successful and influential cryptos in the space and i’m definitely going to be tracking this one for a long time and buying more if you’re new to crypto we should probably say you want to stick with bitcoin and ethereum at least for your first two coins.

5. Ripple crypto

  • Contract Address: 0x1d2f0da169ceb9fc7b3144628db156f3f6c60dbe
  • Website:
  • Ecosystem: Binance Smart Chain
  • Market Cap: $40,324,160,151
  • Total Supply: 99,989,907,034
Next is ripple. Ripple or ripple net is a decentralized open-source payment protocol that supports tokens that represent fiat currency cryptocurrency commodities and other units of value so we simply put it’s a global decentralized money transfer system so right now xrp is trading at $0.8459. We can see that the total market cap on this valuation is at $40,139,863,513 and the trading volume is down 33.63% in the last 24 hours, if we look at the three-month price chart we can see that the price of xrp has not moved too much it actually went down for quite a little bit but since then it’s been pretty stable and actually trending up a little bit and if we zoom out to the one-year price chart we can see that you know not too much movement compared to some other coins but we did see a very very big increase in price at the beginning of april of this year all the way to about 1.82 cents since then we did see a big price decrease followed by another price increase symmetry is rating this as a d grade and the token insight rating is bbb ripple net is important because it aims to address and solve some of the problems of international money transfer harsh fees delays and transfers and other obstacles ripple hopes to solve this by instituting a consensus protocol where nodes validate currency transfers and conversions using the central xrp ledger as of right now ripple net is partnered with many financial institutions across the globe including bank of america and american express and although ripple is dealing with some legal issues right now it doesn’t change the fact that the protocol’s intent is justified and its platform still continues to accommodate its users ripple net is specifically offering a new product called liquidity hub that will enable financial services to allow customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using bitcoin ethereum litecoin and xrp one thing to consider before investing in ripple is that xrp is not actually a true currency but more of a bridge currency because ripple’s aim is simply to convert between different currencies, we personally believe that that doesn’t matter too much because in the grand scheme of things ripple is bringing a lot of value and is tackling major problems with the modern international currency system that need to be addressed ripple is also probably the biggest crypto project of it’s niche gives it a large competitive edge, overall ripple is still one of the largest crypto in the space and it’s definitely one that you should have on your list.
Anyway, those are our top five cryptocurrencies to check out if you guys want to get some free crypto tips then follow us regularly. 

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