Trister price prediction, TLC token listing dates, TLC token price

 Trister is the new future of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Financial World. During the Trister token distribution, many people asked about the Trister token price, TLC token listing dates, Trister price prediction. Here our team provides complete research on Trister World. 

Trister Token Information | TLC Token Information

TLC  Contract Address: 0x1e80b21cA47BA05266cC5943Fccfcb735ac0aAeE 
  1. TLC is limited to 20 million. hold TLC in your wallet, you can earn twfi token every day after the start of the Lend first Mine Trister’s.
  2. Pool will be set up in Mdex in two days to open for trading, when it will be convertible, please pay attention to the latest announcement of TLC Twitter.
  3. For the development plan and many functions of TLC, please pay close attention to the latest announcement of TLC Twitter.

The Core Mainlines Available In TLC Token

  1. SmartNFT-tCard:  The tCard is the exclusive membership card of the Trister World community. It is issued in limited quantities and has a unique number. It can be used as agent mining, collective investment, agent voting, agent mint, agent market maker, profit sharing and other interests.
  2. tToken:   tToken is the financial voucher of Trister World, representing various financial interests possessed in Trister community ecology. tToken runs through the application of different ecological products, to achieve “one coin can be dug by multiple miners” just as “one fish can be cooked by different parts”.
  3. TWFI:    TWFI is the core governance token of Trister World, which undertakes the functions of value bearing and community governance

TLC Mining

Those who are planning to sell TLC , you guys may regret after first mining of TWFI starts , the  mining can be done by following ways :
  • Deposit of funds in trister lend 
  • Holding TLC in wallet 
  • Having a TCard NFT 
Soon TWFI is going to moon, we are coming up with CEX listing and many other listing activities soon enough. Lets see for Trister price prediction.
Let’s go to MOON!

TLC Swapping Gass Fee

Almost 5-20%TLC fee. It can’t decrease because it will remain 20 million. It relies on the completion of the task output and relies on the transaction TLC FEE to return to the task contract pool. If there are 20 million in circulation, and no one sells it, then there is no task to do. If someone sells it, the deducted TLC FEE will be returned to the task contract pool, and the user has another task to do.

TLC Price

The current trister token price is $0.438.

Trister price prediction

You will get the complete price prediction after the token listing on MDEX exchange.

The use of twfi

Trister World plans to gradually implement and aggregate a series of eight financial products in a matrix of applications and financial derivatives including Lend, Swap, Vault, Insure, Oracle, NFTBase, Mirror and DAOs in 3-5 years, and use TWFI tokens to carry Trister World community governance rights, through the ecological financial equity certificate tToken, it runs through the application of different ecological products, and strives to provide users with a new world of global DeFi finance with low participation threshold, convenient operation, stable income, openness, fairness, along with open source security. In the future, with the continuous global development and technological iteration of decentralized blockchain finance, Trister World will continue to expand and extend the value system of the platform, redefine the future of the digital economy, and promote a new financial world that develops in parallel with the DeFi financial ecosystem. The innovative development of the company will eventually realize the real decentralized autonomy of the community.

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